After a week at the beach, during which yet more horrific events took place in the world, I finally landed on an answer to the question of whether or not our world is more violent than it used to be, or if the broadcast of news has expanded through media so much that it just significantly raises our awareness of issues.

The answer is: It does not matter.

The point is: It is here. In our faces. Racism, hate, death and other incredibly mega huge topics that may or may not have been easier to avoid explaining to your children in the past.

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You guys. I have not a lick of direction when it comes to communicating with and educating our kids on a grand scale. I haven’t had to do it yet. The furthest my communication responsibilities with Isla go include:

  • Labeling most of the things she points to in a given hour
  • Translating her constant babble back to her and pretending I have confidence in what I’m interpreting
  • Singing at her when she’s screaming during a diaper change
  • Softly explaining every single thought I have and decision I make in a day in hopes she will learn English as quickly as possible.

I am asking some big questions that I hope you will give your personal thoughts on. My very dear friend asked me, “Is it really intimidating to broach a topic with your kids when you aren’t an expert on the topic?” Guys with older kids? It has to be, right?

I want to connect with our readers this week. Wherever parenthood finds you, if you have advice, it would be so appreciated.

How are you explaining the recent news events to your children? Or are you even? What is the age to clue them in to the madness of the world?

How do you teach your children to love differences (not just “accept” them) when all of your close friends and family are white middle class?

Do you feel hopeful that we can make change by teaching our children how to love people, really love, or are you, reader, feeling particularly hopeless/scared/unsafe these days? I would love to know where you’re currently at with everything. Regardless of where you land, you’re not alone.

I hope you will connect with us this week. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Katie Cassity
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Hey! I’m Katie, wife to Matt and mama to Isla. If you like some things (donuts), but dislike other things (Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show) then we will probably get along swimmingly! In March of 2015 I gave birth to Isla, and I credit my early postpartum survival to a select few things that I will share in due time. As I continue to sharpen my survival skills along this journey through motherhood, my hope for this blog is that Britney and I will develop a village here where we can connect with you, and you with other readers. Parenting is way hard. Let’s band together to find the humor.


Lindsi Hanchey
Reply July 19, 2016

I kept it pretty light for my 3 and 5 year olds. I did address the bad a little bit--told them there are bad people in the world who make bad choices and hurt people. We talked about how it's never ok to hurt people. They couldn't help but notice all the balloons and signs around town honoring the fallen police officers, so I tried to shift the focus in that direction more. I approached it by saying there were several policemen that went to heaven trying to protect us. We made signs and took them up to the memorial and they even posed with 2 officers for a quick picture. My kids were a little hesitant to get close to the officers...probably because I say things like, "No you have to wear your seatbelt...if you don't I can go to jail." Woops! But overall they loved it!

I always feel guilty for feeling like I'm saying too much or not saying enough! I think just knowing your kid and answering the questions they ask honestly, with the amount of info/detail that you know they can handle. And I think kids can handle more than we give them credit for.

    Katie Cassity
    Reply July 19, 2016

    Thank you for this, that's such a great reminder. I love the idea of them participating in the good part of whatever bad situation is current. So sweet and thoughtful to help them make signs :)

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