Navigating nutritional health since having a baby has been kind of a drag. For some of us, its been a drag since early adolescence, lets just be honest. Both my heart and mouth maintain strong desires for pastas & cream sauces. Nachos and margaritas. Dry wines and homemade bread slathered in goat cheese. My fashion and fitness inspirations, however, are effortlessly eating baby kale salads and matchstick veggies wrapped in collard leaves without ever feeling neglected.

For some time now, it feels like my inside and outside don’t parallel one another. It isn’t all about “the look”, either. My inner energy is not as externally present as I’d like, especially lately. Things just aren’t feeling great. I am tired. I am bloated. My hair seems like it can’t do cool things anymore. Can this all be linked back to my nutritional sitch? Let’s find out.

Britney and I would like to invite you on a 4 week journey with us. Whether you subscribe to a certain nutrition program (Whole30, Weight Watchers, whatever) or fitness program (walking for 15 minutes a day, P90X, Sweat by Kayla) or both or neither and just want to follow along on the blog and our Instagram, we are putting it out there for 4 weeks. We will be instagramming food we are eating, along with recipes, and workout ideas that are practical for us.

Please join the conversation by sharing any tips, struggles, recipes, workout ideas, etc. with us over on instagram (follow us @milkdrunkblog), or in the comments section of the blog! We will be completing a Whole30 challenge* but keeping the focus on practical recipes, things that taste good, and workouts we can wrap our minds around.

Below is my meal plan for this week, weekend not included. This serves to both hold me accountable this week, as well as give anyone who is needing some meal ideas a few. I did not include dinners because I am so incredibly lucky to be part of a Supper Wagon that provides Whole30 compliant meals for dinner, and I’m not sure what all will be delivered this week.

*Whole30 is not sponsoring this post, nor are we endorsing it. Do what works for YOU. We just want some company and encouragement. 🙂

Breakfast: Banana & almond butter, coffee with unsweetened almond/coconut milk (UACM)
Morning snack: Turkey pepperonis
Lunch: Whole30 chicken salad on baby spinach with dump ranch
Afternoon snack: Kiwi + almonds

Breakfast: Sauteed diced sweet potato + chicken sausage + wilted spinach, coffee with UACM
Morning snack: Banana
Lunch: Turkey burger topped with guac, bacon, and caramelized red onion
Afternoon snack: Kiwi + almonds

Breakfast: Banana & almond butter, coffee with UACM
Morning snack: Avocado wrapped in turkey slices
Lunch: Whole30 chicken salad on baby spinach with dump ranch
Afternoon snack: RX bar

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon & salsa, coffee with UACM
Morning snack: Clementines (2)
Lunch: Protein + salad (probably eating out this day for lunch)
Afternoon snack: Turkey pepperonis
Dinner (deliver supper wagon): “Fried rice” with cauliflower rice

Breakfast: Bacon & scrambled eggs with salsa, coffee with UACM
Morning snack: Eh, who knows, but probably a fruit
Lunch: Turkey burger with guac on some baby spinach
Afternoon snack: Kiwi + almonds

We hope you will follow along on this journey the next few weeks as we both try to regain some energy and strength. Follow us on Instagram, and stay tuned on the blog for some recipe goodness.

Katie Cassity
About me

Hey! I’m Katie, wife to Matt and mama to Isla. If you like some things (donuts), but dislike other things (Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show) then we will probably get along swimmingly! In March of 2015 I gave birth to Isla, and I credit my early postpartum survival to a select few things that I will share in due time. As I continue to sharpen my survival skills along this journey through motherhood, my hope for this blog is that Britney and I will develop a village here where we can connect with you, and you with other readers. Parenting is way hard. Let’s band together to find the humor.


Caitlin Milam
Reply May 17, 2016

Looking forward to your recipes! Trae and I cleared out our pantry this time last year and started sticking to whole foods at home, "cheat" meals when we go out. Eventuallt, our cheat meals became less cheat-y when our bodies adjusted to crave real food. I lost 12 pounds (over several months) that I didn't even realize I needed to lose! Energy was higher than ever, my skin glowed, it was amazing. Then pregnancy derailed me - convincing me that veggies were the devil. Trying to get back on track now. Thankful to know other mamas are doing it at the same time!

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