You Need to Chill Out


You’re not a psychopath. You’re not broken. You’re not losing your mind (without good reason at least).

If you are feeling itchy in your body and frazzled in your house and DUMB in your mind…I would guess you are stressed.

Do you need a reminder of what stress can look like in your body? Just for validation’s sake…

Google, assistance please?

-Easily irritable, overwhelmed, or anxious

-Panic attacks

-Feelings of loss of control or the need to control anything

-Feeling lonely, insecure, depressed

-Avoidance of people and/or social events

-Low energy


-Upset stomach

-Frequent colds

-Loss of sexual desire


-Dry mouth

-Clenched jaw

-Racing thoughts

-Inability to rest or sleep

-Poor judgement/ability to decide


-Increased negativity/pessimism

-Increased substance use


-Appetite changes

-Tension and knots in your neck, shoulders, and arms

And let’s not even get into the repercussions of being stressed. I promise, it wouldn’t help us calm down much.

Can you check off more than half of these items? Can you identify one or two sources of stress that could be causing them? Are you worked up now? Do you want to slap me for asking all of these questions?

Deep breath…

Deep breath…

and another…

and another…

Look at this picture while you take my suggestion seriously. Breathe.


(I found this on Pinterest last week. OR did it find me? Either way, it made me happy for all the reasons.)

Consider this post your Milk Drunk Blog permission & validation that you need to take some time and deliberately chill. We do no one any good once we’ve gotten to this spot. And it’s hard to climb out by simply making another to-do list and setting our sights on that magical hour of free time that will drop in our laps over the coming days (surely, right? right…)

And if you’re too on edge to even figure out how to do that well…here’s your how-to-guide.

You’ll need:

-A minimum of 6 hours to yourself

-A babysitter and/or a day off work to make that possible and/or a partner who understands that you are one dog-hair-pile-on-the-floor away from losing your gosh darn mind

-Cash or card


-Lavender oil and/or epson salt

-Music & headphones

Step 1: Let the people who need to know you are chilling out know that you are chilling out. Set a day for it. Cover your bases with childcare or bosses if needed. Blame your “MDB Specialists” if anyone gives you lip. Then put your phone away.

Step 2: Straighten your house. If this seems overwhelming, just make your bed(ish), empty your sink and your bathroom trashcan, and put all dirty laundry in a pile in some room whose door you can shut. I know. This sounds counter productive. But I don’t mean clean it, just straighten it. Get it out of the way and make yourself a nice place to land at the end of the day.

Step 3: Sit down and flip through your phone BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Step 4: When you’re done numbing out, get in your car, turn on some calm-the-heck-down music (can I suggest a little Sleeping at Last?), and drive to the place that has your favorite drink (not drank, not yet). Iced zen tea…route 44 limeade…peppermint mocha. Go through the drive through since you don’t have time to bother with the world.

Step 5: Park and go on a walk with said drink. End up at some body of water and sit for a minute.  With your phone away, remember rhythm, and outside, and how the world wasn’t made to be as loud and busy as we live it.


Step 6: Do something you want to do that gives you energy. For me, this usually means *window* (yeah right) shopping in World Market. For you it might mean sniffing books at Barnes and Noble, or popping in a coffee shop to be around chatter for a sec, or calling your old roommate, or people watching downtown.

Step 7: Drive home listening to feel good/pump up music. If you don’t have a go-to pump up song, you can borrow mine: I Believe in You and Me by Whitney Houston….KIDDING….All the Things That I’ve Done by the killers, duh.

Step 8: Go home and (if someone is there) announce that you will be taking over the bathroom for the foreseeable future. Then do what you never have time to do…pluck your eyebrows…cut your toenails. Then take a bath with salts or oils. Read a mag, cry, whatever seems needed.

Step 9: Get out, put on sweat pants, and do some stretches. Curl up and watch something happy with wine or a little bit of junk food or both. Get a good, long hug from people you love. Give thanks. And go to bed, making your mind get in check long enough for you to pass out.

Step 10: Repeat as necessary.

We don’t need you to be doing everything as much as we need you to be you. And you’re not you if you’re this stressed. Welcome back:)

Britney Lee
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Hi there! My name is Britney, and I’m a C+ student in the art of “trusting my momma instincts”—just so we all are aware of the spot from which I’ll be writing. I’m in holy matrimony with Luke, and we’re in sweet holy chaos with Bridger—who came into the world no smaller than a Volvo early June 2015. I get really into social justice issues, British TV series, and not working out. I’m an ENFP, 7w8 who believes that isolated lives can be dangerous when we’re all trying to make it through hard stuff and stay sane. I hope that Katie and I can create a place here where we can get close and get real and laugh a little. My solemn vow to you is that I will never clean my house before taking a MDB pic of it for instagram. Neither of us have energy for that. Welcome to Milk Drunk Blog!


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