Baby Book (or How Time is Weird)

This last Thursday, we got a call from daycare saying that we needed to come pick up our feverish little guy who had refused both nap and food that day. This was a bit odd seeing as how he had shown no signs of sickness the day before—but it’s amazing, the dime that this whole thing turns on, is it not?

Flexibility: the glue to sanity.

We monitored his middle-grade fever for most of the evening, and when it spiked to furnace heights of 103.6 at bedtime, the on-call nurse told us to go ahead and bring him into the ER.

This isn’t a post about doctors and germs. This isn’t a post about the tactics we used to keep him from total melt down 4 hours past his bedtime or about the particular blend of oils I used on his skin when we got home.

This is a post about how big he looked, sitting on that hospital bed, sweating in the nook of my arm.

ER pic

My boy is growing—it’s no longer deniable.

I had plenty of time to have flashbacks of other hospital visits while we searched the room for things to hold his attention (ipad, he loved, rubber gloves, he hated). We’d walked in the same sliding doors that we walked through when we left the Willis Knighton for the first time with our 4-day-old. And I thought, “I remember when you first felt the sun, right here.” I watched him fill up so much of that twin-sized bed covered in sterilized sheets when not too, too many months back, he looked miniature, sitting there, squalling while they preformed an esophagus ultrasound for reflux on my newborn.

It all feels like two weeks ago and two years ago, and dangit if it isn’t the craziest thing that it is in fact closer to two years ago than two weeks at this point. I’ll never stop saying how weird time is with this whole parenthood thing. It is fast and slow, priceless and torture. It is nothing I can wrap my mind around.

I think there are a few reasons that make these moments seem so near and far. I think part of it has to do with the fact that over a span of 5months, we sometimes get the same hours of sleep that we got in one week’s time as highschoolers in the summer. This makes things seem odd and out of proportion and weirdo mcgweirdo. But also, so much life happens in such a small pocket of existence! We’re packing in memories like it’s our first, very very short trip to Disney World and thank God for the pictures right? Because how else would we have remembered that we did all the things and saw all the sights that we’ve done and seen?

I went back through all of Bridger’s pictures in my phone last night. Every one of them. And I guess now is a good time to apologize to my mom for ragging her about how often her camera was out on family vacations when we were growing up. I LOVE looking back and seeing the life that happened and built us. It makes for a special kind of hope for the here and now and ahead. It makes for a special kind of gratitude for the then.

I pulled four excerpts from Bridger’s baby book today to share with you because…it shows how much changes so quickly (and slowly) and also we have readers who are in each of these young months as our babies get much closer to full blown toddler-town these days.

bbook one month

Month One:

Sleeping Patterns: sporadic for first 3 weeks (made worse by gas, reflux, and mom not able to build enough of a supply). After we began supplementing, slept 2.5-3hour stretches.

Accomplishments: Gained birth weight plus 8oz (finally), focused more, digestion regulated, healed circumcision & belly button

Discoveries: sucked thumb, found ceiling fan (your bff), blew bubbles, reached for paci, smiled a lot

Special memories: when you peed in your own ear, your first bath (you hated) and then when you pooped on both of your mom’s and dad’s feet, Nonnie staying with us for the first week and y’all doing your “morning exercises,” sweet visitors, all your smiles and “concerned” looks, how our home felt complete with you, your sweet raspy voice when you cried.

bbook four month

Month Four:

Sleeping Patters: not quite sleeping soundly, waking up wanting to play

Accomplishments: rolled from tummy to back, ate a little rice cereal, first house show concert (The Homestead), went to formula entirely

Discoveries: starting to recognize name, grabbed toes, loves the doorway bouncer so much, enjoys walks around Gilbert loop

Special Memories: the first day you started Mother’s Day Out (was so weird and hard for mama and dada) but Mrs. G and Mrs. A are so sweet and caring. You made the cutest ring bearer for Aunt Mel & Uncle Matt’s wedding and you love baths in the sink now!

bbook eight month

Month Eight:

Accomplishments: big tub bath time, first yogurt bites, sip cup of water, hair trim over ears, sat up in the crib by yourself

Family Outings: new years at Nonnie & Benbie’s, Sunday lunches with Mimi and Papa D, morning prayer at the Yellow House

Discoveries: regular high chair eating, essential oils, remotes, sensory toys

Special Memories: you laughing when mama drops the towel on you after your bath time, snuggling with dada on the couch, you LOVE wind and having air blown in your face—it makes you stick out your tongue:), we had to cover your mouth in public for the first time because you were happily hollering in McAlisters at anyone who walked by

bbook twelve month

Month Twelve:

Accomplishments: 7 teeth now, started walking, saying “Thank You” and “uh-oh,” starting brushing teeth

Foods You Like: mangos, toast, black beans, salsa, chicken, pouches, eggs, almond butter, yogurt, watermelon

Discoveries: slides at the duck pond, opened your bedroom door by yourself, starting to repeat what we say a ton

Special Memories: starting day car at mama’s work, playing in blanket forts in the living room, watching you walk everywhere!, eating a watermelon to the rind, playing in a baby pool, celebrating your birthday just us and then with all our friends and family

So as I bask in nostalgia, hope and gratitude today…I’ll end by not encouraging you to “enjoy every second of it” like middle age people tell you in the grocery store. Because you won’t and you can’t. But maybe take lots of pictures. And then go back and enjoy every second of those in a few months.

This life is sweet.

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