Mom’s Day Out Check-List

We’ve recently delved into the world of Mom’s Day Out. We’ll save the details about the emotional drop-offs and how the thought of Christmas got us through the first couple of weeks for a different post. For now, here’s a list of what gets packed for our nursery-aged babes on a normal 9am-2pm MDO day. We keep this list on our fridge so that the bag can get restocked each evening.


MDO Diaper Bag Check-List

6 Cloth Diapers with Inserts and/or 6 Disposable Diapers plus a package of wipes (unless you are leaving a monthly stash of diapers and wipes there)

1 Wet Bag

2 Wubbanubs (or your choice of soother)

Diaper Cream & Powder

Gas Drops

Nose Frida (or Aspirator)

Paci Wipes

2-3 Breastmilk and/or Formula Bottles (some daycares require these to be pre-mixed)

3 Onesies/shirts/dresses, 1 Pair of Pants, 1 Pair of Socks

3 Bibs

2 Burp Cloths

1 Swaddle Blanket


Mom friends of older kids say they also/instead pack things called “lunches” and “nap mats,” but we don’t know about all that business just yet. Every part of each item has their tiny official initials etched into them with permanent marker (which we also packed just in case something missed the branding process).

Hope this helps someone in their impossible endeavor of getting the entire nursery and all of their nerves to fit inside of one tiny bag. You’ve got this. And even if you don’t, remember that you and whatever you forgot are not that far away.

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