A Cold Brew Tonic Kinda Day

There are days that call for a beverage that falls on the profile spectrum as being somewhere between your morning coffee and your evening cocktail. I’m not talking about the rough days that require a 2nd, 3rd, 4th cup of the same old hot/cold caffeine with cream, no sugar (or whatever your specs are).

I’m talking about the really normal, good, stay-at-home days. The ones where everyone is home. Nobody is working. Nobody is schooling. Nobody is aiming to do too much beyond just being, playing, talking, laughing, singing, enjoying.

These are the kinds of days that produce the very pictures and memories you’ll look back on when everyone has aged 20 years, and you know it. You just know these days when they hit! You know it because they’re so ordinary but so so good.

So the beverage that belongs on these kinds of days? A cold brew tonic. Maybe you’ve had one. They are pretty adaptable. I’ve seen vanilla ones. I’ve read about lime ones. I’ve heard stories about a hibiscus one in Austin, TX! But today I made a honey orange one.

You adapt the flavor of this iced beverage by way of the simple syrup. You probably already know this, so ugh I feel so silly telling you again, BUT JUST IN CASE, simple syrup is simply equal parts water and sugar (or in this case honey) heated to a simmer over medium heat until the sugars have dissolved. You can add other flavors, too! Vanilla bean, citrus, etc. For this honey orange simple syrup, I combined a cup of honey with half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and half a cup of water.

Always let it cool before mixing. The other ingredients you’ll need are your favorite cold brew, tonic water, and ice. 

Start by filling two glasses with ice, one for you and your lover. Or your mom or whoever.

A little simple syrup never hurt nobody. Pour some in. A teensy bit if you’re not a big fan of sweet. A small glug if you like really really sweet. Like McDonald’s sweet tea sweet.

Next is a healthy glug or three of your favorite cold brew. Today I used a concentrate, so less was more.

After those coffee glugs, two glugs of tonic water. Guys? Be precise with the glugs or else.

In all seriousness, if you’re one for exact measurements, worry not. You know you. And you know how to glug based on that knowledge, but also I rarely measure exact amounts of anything, so please just don’t put those kinds of expectations on me today, okay?

You’ll want to stick a straw in this. You’ll want to stir, and you’ll want to deliver one of these to your lover. Or your mom.

I’m just saying it will fit in quite nicely with an already quite nice day. Cheers, my friends.

Katie Cassity
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Hey! I’m Katie, wife to Matt and mama to Isla. If you like some things (donuts), but dislike other things (Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show) then we will probably get along swimmingly! In March of 2015 I gave birth to Isla, and I credit my early postpartum survival to a select few things that I will share in due time. As I continue to sharpen my survival skills along this journey through motherhood, my hope for this blog is that Britney and I will develop a village here where we can connect with you, and you with other readers. Parenting is way hard. Let’s band together to find the humor.

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