Clean: A Review

I’d like to be fully freed up to share a few reviews with you today; so, if you’ll allow, I’ll start by getting a couple of confessions out of the way.

  1. I realize that I should probably be posting about my son’s first birthday. The postometer that lives in my heart of hearts says that this would be a natural fit in the line-up. But I don’t want to talk about his birthday party today. I am still recovering. I want to talk about deodorant and pads and coconut oil. You read that right. (Welcome, new dad readers.) Birthday party for a later date? Great.
  2. Secondly, before I can talk about these things, I feel like I have to be honest with you and say that I have, and have always had, some mild (?) phobia with armpits. I have zero traumatic memories of why this could be so. I mean…I did have the lowest locker in 6thgrade, when all my peers were just learning to take care o’ bidness. But that’s never sounded like something to talk to my counselor about (remember her?). Who knows, maybe I blocked it out. Maybe it was that weird youth group game where people would put peanut butter and jelly in their armpits and someone else would have to lick it out. Maybe it was how squeamish I would feel when a piece of a deodorant bar would fall off of someone’s roll after gym class…and hit the floor…where someone else would inevitably step on it and trail it down the hall and gross gross gross gross. Guys…can we talk about gym class?? NO, no…we have to talk about deodorant. Maybe it’s because armpit hair was a mark of puberty and, well, I’ve always been easily embarrassed by bodily change. I didn’t plan to talk about this so extensively…I just needed you to know the place from which I review. I am a hard sell when it comes to this topic. I wouldn’t be doing a review…about deodorant (geck)…if I didn’t feel like I’d found a diamond. Onward? Let’s.


I’m well aware that there are many trends in this world, and I’m hesitant to do anything food or hygiene-wise that is “all-in” since health discoveries change so frequently. Or so those shocking click-bate articles say…She used quinoa as a foot scrub, and when I saw what happened, my mouth DROPPED.

Don’t get me wrong…I love diving in head first, totally committed–pedal to the metal kinda gal. But even in my 28years, I’ve lived long enough to know that some things are just bamboozling fads. And I hate to be bamboozled.

But with that, I still think that some things make sense as good rules of life for the long-haul. Clean products are better for the body’s outside. Clean, whole-foods are better for the body’s inside.

Our family has been trying to learn and live by clean & whole for a while now when it comes to food. We’re not religious about it, though that would be nice. What I mean is, organic is expensive, so we do what we can and also we got in late last night, so we ate Wendy’s. But we try and keep trying.

Just recently have I started looking at our cleaning and hygiene products and wondering how many of my cells are being destroyed and contorted by their chemicals. It’s a heck of a thing to try and overhaul your whole house at once…so I haven’t. I’ve just waited until we run out of what we already use and make sure that the next thing I buy for that product is cleaner.

My most recent changes, though, are what I wanted to share with you today.

I read an article last month (that’s how it always starts, right?) that shared how many harmful chemicals in deodorant are found in breast cancer tissue. It freaked me TH out. But also, I am well aware that most natural deodorant just makes you smell like someone put a drop of essential oils in a trashcan. And we now know that I cannot HANDLE this.

So I did some research (re: watched Shark Tank), and found Piper Wai deodorant and ordered it immediately.


My review for this product is YES! It is activated-charcoal based, free of all the nasties, and smells so clean. It comes in a paste, which for whatever reason freaks me out far less than a bar (geck). Packages grey but goes on clear. Has truly worked better than any deodorant (natural or not) for me. It’s so wonderful that I’m seriously waiting on someone to drop a bomb about it…She used Piper Wai in her quinoa foot scrub, and what happened next had me appalled! Until that shows up in my facebook feed, I will be a faithful pusher for this product.  It is a quality find, and I feel so much better about what’s not getting in my tissue now.

Secondly, I made the jump to cotton pads because of the studies that are reporting probable carcinogens in the tampons I was using. See the trend? Not a fan of cancer. Seen too much of it.


Anyway, I’ve never been a pad user. Ever, ever. But alas. From what I’ve read, 100% cotton pads/tampons (or cups) are the best bet. And there are options out there. Diva cups, reusable/washable pads, 100% cotton disposable pads and tampons, etc. Google yourself a solution that fits what you can and can’t do.

I’ve heard Kotex is the lesser of the evils if you’re in the CVS. I’ll be ordering some Honest brand this month.

Lastly, I just wanted you to know that facewash and moisturizer are expensive and also can contain lots of crap. So much so, that they throw up flags with pregnancy where women are encouraged to “check their bottles” for specific materials. Organic coconut oil is the new Neutrogena, you guys. I use a pea size of it every night and every morning for moisturizer.

coco oil

Occasionally, I’ll use it for facewash as well with a drop of tea tree oil. To do this, don’t wet your face. Just put a quarter size of the mix in your palm and warm it up by putting your hands together. “Wash” your face as you normally would (still no water). Take a wet, hot wash cloth and press it to your greasy face for 30seconds. Then wipe off dirt, makeup, and oil. Bam.

Ok, that’s the extent of my reviews for the day! Thanks for reading and helping me work through my phobia. Please don’t mention the armpit thing in public. I’ll 100% pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about, and that will be embarrassing for us both.

Here’s to getting clearner!


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Danielle Miller
Reply June 21, 2016

I've made both of those last 2 changes a few years ago and never looked back! Deodorant is about the only chemical containing product I still use bc, like you said- the other stuff never works. Days at home I just go without to try to use less. Lol Can't wait to try this!!

Reply June 21, 2016

Yes to alternative deos and cups and coconut oil/tea tree! I've been doing these for a while and can't imagine doing anything else now.

Does the Piper Wai work for guys, too??

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