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Hey milkdrunkbloggers! Boy do we have a treat for you. We have partnered together with the ever gracious graphic designer and photographer Carrie Irvin to get you some free downloadable Meal Prep, Grocery List, and To-Do List prints! Check out Carrie’s note and work below, and let us know if and how you used your sheets!


When it comes to family life, I’m a photographer and graphic designer, 4-year wifey to the funniest, friendliest guy you’ve ever met, and mama to 2 cuddly kitties named Izzy and Sam. One thing I’m sure we have in common is the fact that my life is SO much easier when I plan just a few parts of it. Particularly, meal planning, working out & grocery trips. Now, listen. I’m not suggesting that you even have the slightest blip of free time to commit to these tasks–but I’m so thrilled and honored to provide you with some tools to help you in that journey if you’re up to it. šŸ™‚ If you’re a first time mama or if you’re preggo, just fill this list out and hand it to the closest able-bodied adult. They’ll be happy to oblige and you can avoid those weird pregnancy comments & stranger danger baby bump-touching. But if you’re pumped about planning out your meal plan, here’s one approach that works pretty well for me!

When it comes to meal planning, here’s what my schedule usually looks like:
FRIDAY/SATURDAY: Begin thinking about meals for the following week. What recipes sound good? What haven’t I cooked in a while? What am I craving? What have I been stalking on Pinterest?
SATURDAY: Jot down your official menu plan. Once you’ve filled out the menu, add all ingredients to the panel on the right. Add any big prepping ideas to the bottom right panel. ]]
  • IN-STORE SHOPPING: If you’ve got a Kroger nearby, (or other grocery list/pickup option) add all the items on the list to your online list. Then click “sort by aisle” and Voila! It does all the work FOR YOU. You can also sort alphabetically if that’s your jam. Then, print your list!
  • GROCERY PICK-UP SERVICES: Again, if you’re close to a Kroger or a wal-mart, add items to your “Click List” and send it in! I usually schedule my pick ups for Sunday afternoons.
  • PAPER LIST: If you prefer to see all the items you might need & just check ’em off, then use the Grocery List I’ve provided. Simply check off whatcha need and go from there!
SUNDAY: Go to the store! Bring your paper list with you and have fun. Listen to a podcast or your favorite jams. Treatcha self with that Starbucks. Find a way to make it enjoyable and stress-free.Ā 
SUNDAY EVENING: Put the groceries away and meal prep as much as you feel like. I normally try to do easy grab & go breakfasts & lunches, and then cook dinner on the fly at night.
And that’s it! I hope this makes your life a little bit easier, and that it helps you find more time with your sweet family. You are awesome & are doing a GREAT job. Have a great week!
Carrie Irvin
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Carrie Irvin is a photographer and graphic designer, 4-year wifey to the funniest, friendliest guy you've ever met, and mama to 2 cuddly kitties named Izzy and Sam.

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